June 20, 2014

Refugees SOS

Living in America, it’s hard to relate to the story of refugees because life is peaceful here and we don’t have a war to run from.  The refugees are covered in the news once in a while when Angelina Jolie decided to show up in some far-away camps to raise awareness of the refugees’ plight. 

For this dashboard, I employ the world map to highlight where the refugees come from.  The world’s current hot spots (Afghanistan, Syria, and Somalia) stand out. 

The tree map bridges between where the refugees come from and where they resettle to.

The bar chart shows the countries that offer asylum to the refugees.  The countries that are next-door neighbors to those countries where war is going on bear the brunt of offering asylum, whether they want it or not.  Hovering over the bar will show each asylum country capacity and contributions to the refugees (see Lebanon).

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