March 4, 2016

Transatlantic Trends (4)

In this last installment of Transatlantic Trends visualization, we’ll look into what Americans and Europeans think about Russia’s role in world affair.  More Americans think it’s desirable that Russia exerts strong leadership in global affairs, but even more Greeks think so.  On the other hand, more Spaniards and Polish don’t think that Russia should exert strong power (understandably for Poland because of its proximity and history of conflict with Russia, but Spain...?)

Who has the most favorable opinion of Russia?  The patriotic Russians, of course, as well as the Greeks (why do the Greeks like Russia so much?).  Who disapproves the way their country is managing relations with Russia?  The Spaniards and Polish, who seem not to favor Russia very much.


  1. The consequences of the Russian-Spanish War.

  2. For the Greeks, if serious: 1. Investments. 2. Tourism. 3. Orthodox Faith. 4. Constantinople (yes it is still important). 5. Historical ties.